Jim Welch - November 17, 2019

There Is A Redeemer

From Series: "Ruth: The Big Little Love Story"

Out of the worst days of Israel’s history (so far, at least), comes The Big Little Love Story. It is the story of faithfulness during unfaithful days. At some point during the lawless days of the Judges, there is a family who loved God and His Word more than themselves. It was a rare family, or so it seems. The hope of Israel did not always spring from the elites of the nation. The well-connected, famous, and miracle-working upper class. No. Sometimes the hand of God is seen as He orchestrates His story through the ordinary people. And there was one family in Bethlehem through which God will change Israel, and history, forever. It begins with famine and ends with what Pastor Jim likes to call, The Big Little Love Story. Some romance in the hills of Bethlehem will alter the flow of biblical history. Join us as we learn about God and faithfulness to Him through the story of this one family. It all begins with a famine.

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