Jim Welch - June 21, 2020

God Is Always Victorious

From Series: "Living in a Windy Landscape"

Sometimes in life we are all going along, doing fine, and then out of nowhere a boulder drops out of the sky and crash lands in our lives. We don’t recall that ever happening on such a grand scale as COVID-19, however. We are all facing the same landscape. Empty store shelves. Long lines. Face masks. Job losses. It is out of that place that this sermon series is born. We are all Living In A Windy Landscape these days. So how do we thrive in such a landscape? In this sermon series we are going to examine five promises of God – promises that He makes to ever person of faith in every generation. If we can just make these truths our own, we will be rooted strongly as the winds of life blow around us. We will explore these five promises and maybe a couple of examples of how we see them played out in a couple of biblical characters. Get ready to dig deep into God’s Word – and receive His promises.

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