On Monday we returned to a “regular” Harvest Festival. It was a bit of a hybrid between carnival games and trunks. But it was amazing. We were able to provide families a wholesome evening…with free hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, chips and a soda. What’s not to love? But I want to tell you what I loved about the evening.


You. You donated more than enough candy (you can sample leftovers on the patio). It was nip and tuck for a while, but you came through. If we are an alternative to Halloween ON Halloween, we must have enough candy. And I know it was not a cheap investment this year.

You. You came if you signed up to help and you came if you didn’t. Some people just showed up – and your presence was greatly appreciated and very much needed.

You. You came even though you were supposed to be at work. It is true. At least a couple of people took vacation to be able to have the time pitch in. You know who you are, and you are greatly appreciated. We wore you out, and that’s our bad, but your heart glowed with a love for Jesus and a willingness to serve.

You. You allowed us to offer a full complement of game booths, food and cars. The creativity in your “trunks” was simply amazing. Every one of them was unique and took time and thought to prepare. I was very impressed with them all. Seriously.

The best comment in our staff evaluation was from DeVonna, who has done many of these. She said, more than any other, it was a night of joy. You welcomed people and laughed and smiled, underneath all that sweat to pull this off.

The staff was dragging this week in the office because Monday was exhausting. Some of us are getting a bit long in the tooth (old, for those who struggle with English idioms) for such things. But we wait on the Lord and gain new strength. The real holidays are upon us. It’s almost time to celebrate the birth of Jesus (yes, we could use fresh energy to pull that off). The planning has begun. But there is a most Christian of holidays remaining this month. Yes, we will need help to pull that one off too. It won’t happen without…

You. I appreciate you. Your willingness to serve, to give, to worship, to grow, to exhaust yourself in the work of the Kingdom. May we be faithful to Him and follow His leading…and there are no people in the world with whom I would rather exhaust myself than with…you.