This morning we wrap up our official journey in the Gospel of Matthew. We’ve been through a lot since we began on March 4, 2018. That seems like a lifetime ago, right? I looked back at my calendar this week, and we were gearing up for Passion Week later that month. Paul Duncan was out that Sunday. Team Bombo was recruiting for the August medical mission. I had a tour meeting that week for an upcoming trip to Israel (those were the glory days!). I was in the midst of premarital counseling with the oldest DeMoss sibling (that went well, I guess). I had just met to have my taxes done for 2017.

The calendar was packed, but most of it was pretty boring. Haircuts. Doctor visits. Meetings. Lots of meetings. I had to go to court that month for the homeless guy breaking into things around here (he’s out now). We were creating procedures for increased safety while we were all on campus. All three of my kids were single. Life was normal. Life was very different from May 1, 2022.

We had no idea what was on the horizon. That’s a good thing, I guess. I think that though it is tempting to ask about what’s next, is it ever a healthy question? We need life to unfold as it comes to us, one moment at a time. We are promised enough light for our path so that we can take one more step. That’s all. As long as we can plant one foot in front of us, we have all we need in that regard. We’d prefer a well-lit interstate, but we usually get a dark mountain trail. The interstate requires no faith, no concentration. The trail keeps us dependent. And if dependent, then connected to the Savior.

If we’ve learned anything in Matthew, it is that this world is going to do world-stuff. Let it do it. We belong to a different kingdom. We keep our eyes on Jesus, which has not been easy since the days we explored Matthew 1:1. But with this book under our belts, I pray we are more prepared for whatever curveball is coming next. And it will come.

As for Sunday mornings, I know where that next step is heading, but now is not the time to reveal that piece of information. I need a little bit of mystery to surround what’s next. Besides, I want to let Matthew soak deep into our souls before we dive into something new. Reflect on these past four years and the journey of God in our lives. It’s a day to rejoice and to reflect and to find hope in His love as we navigated some rocky days.