The Invisibles

The Invisibles


The most well-known Bible characters are well known for a reason. They did incredible things and lived outstanding lives. But in this sermon series, we are going explore The Invisibles. We will go beyond the obvious and talk about some Bible characters that deserve accolades but almost never get them. These people also did incredible things, yet they weren’t as prominent as a Moses, David or Paul. So, they rarely get attention from the pulpit. That’s about to change. We are about to learn that God does extraordinary things through ordinary people — even us.

August 29 – Zelophehad’s Daughters
September 5 – Korah
September 12 – Dorcas
September 19 – Barnabas
September 26 – Benaiah
October 3 – Ehud
October 10 – Abigail
October 17 – Phinehas
October 24 – Silas
October 31 – Andrew

For sermon video and audio from this series and more, check out our sermon archives.

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