Small Groups

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FAQs about Small Groups

What do you do in a Small Group?
The groups focus on doing three things: Studying the Bible, Praying for one another, and Enjoying one another’s company.

Will I be asked to answer questions or pray out loud?
Relax! These are safe places for everyone to grow I their spiritual walk. No one will make you do what you are not comfortable doing. It’s just a bunch of flawed people walking together through life.

How often does a Small Group meet and how long does the group time last?
Most groups meet every other week with the average meeting lasting from 1½ to 2 hours.

What about child care?
Each group handles child care in a way that suits that group best. However, we offer the following suggestions: parents can switch off watching the children from week to week, parents share in hiring a baby-sitter or each family hires a baby-sitter for their own children.

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