The text arrived early on Monday morning. It was not a surprise, but still painful. Bob Easton, who cast a large shadow while here at Peninsula, was with Jesus. He was an Elder, supporter, adult teacher, mentor. He worked for Boeing well passed a normal retirement date.

In the days when we were struggling to edit the church constitution and wrestle with changing the name of the church, Bob’s wisdom was invaluable. He provided a steady voice as we grappled in the minutia of that year-long endeavor. There were moments when we would just bow in prayer seeking God for wisdom, and Bob was always faithful and supportive.  And kind. Always kind. He loved Peninsula. He and Daphne left only because they needed to be closer to family as they aged.

We owe much to this gentle giant. I owe much to this dear saint. And he never forgot us. In his last days, his daughters found a sermon from Peninsula on the internet and played it for Bob. Even as he struggled with dementia, he knew who was preaching and loved to listen to the service.

I do think it is fair to say, that it was on Bob Easton, and folks like him, that the solid foundation of this church was built. He was loyal. Faithful to Jesus. Kind.  Influential in the best of ways. He had Daphne (who passed away this year as well) raised three daughters at Peninsula, who still follow and love the Lord. That speaks volumes about his character.

I do remember when I was beginning to slowly let my coat and tie remain at home on Sunday mornings. It was a bit of a scandal, but Bob came up to me…and looked up at his face towering above me…and he said, thank you for not wearing a coat and tie.  I wear one all week long and I really do not want to have to wear one again on Sunday morning. I love it. After that, I sped up the transition.

What I loved most was that Bob would come and share with children his love for math and science. It made an impression on them, especially when you are trying to raise one of those engineering types. He was a positive role model for them  You could love Jesus and math.  You could excel at all things space and love the creator of the universe.

Bob is now with Jesus, and his bride. Enjoy the reality of heaven, Bob.  We’re not all that far behind. May we continue to build on your foundation with the guidance of the Great Shepherd. Thanks you for your faithfulness. It continues to encourage my own.