Coming in January is something bold and innovative (for us). DeVonna is putting together an evening of worship and education – worship of God and education for the church. We will explore issues facing parents as they raise their children in this modern world. We will hear stories of children rescued from the clutches of trafficking.

Did you hear about the new book just out by the maker of American Girl, owned now by Mattel? I still have one of their dolls up in my closet, which I suppose was headed to a granddaughter at some point.

It always seemed like a wonderful product back when we were in the market for a doll. But they have published a new book, “Smart Girl’s Guide:  Body Image.” I haven’t read the entire book, but some of the quotes causing the most controversy include: “Your gender expression can be feminine, masculine, or somewhere in between — and it might change! Maybe you’ll experiment with bright dresses and long, feminine hairstyles. Or you might try baggy shorts, plaid shirts, and a buzzed haircut. Your gender expression should make you feel at home in your body. Parts of your body may make you feel uncomfortable and you may want to change the way you look…that’s totally OK!”

The book later adds, “If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity.” Whoa. Full stop. You need to think about your gender identity? Like there is anything you can do about it?

At some point we must stand up and say that gender is not fluid nor flexible. God made us either male or female. That’s it, folks. There are two genders which are determined at conception. You don’t get to play God with your DNA. You are you by the hand of God. The clay does not get to “fix” what the potter has created. How you feel does not change reality.

Our children are under attack, so we must be aware of the nature of that battle. The foolish wisdom of this world is doing its best to sabotage parents and hold our children firmly in their grasp. But there are clear biblical statements which place us in opposition to the world. Therefore, we must stand, wrapped in love, for truth.

I encourage you to reserve Sunday evening, January 22, on your calendar. We will explore many issues with experts on child safety and protection. We must do justice. This is not about politics. It is about protecting children and thinking biblically as our culture rushes over a cliff, to the detriment of the most precious among us: children.