Our Philosophy

Peninsula Community Church Preschool is committed to providing a Christ-centered, developmentally appropriate hands-on preschool education in a safe, loving and enriching environment, that will prepare children spiritually, academically and socially for kindergarten.

We believe each child is a precious and unique creation of our loving heavenly Father. Therefore each child is treated with love and respect. Each child will learn about God and His love for them through age appropriate Bible lessons.

We believe each child progresses at his/her own rate. Children learn through visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities. Children learn with concrete examples and hands-on experiences. Therefore, we provide a wide variety of learning experiences for our preschoolers. We introduce new concepts and consistently reinforce them.

We believe preschool children learn primarily through play. We believe learning should be natural, fun and challenging. We introduce and review learning skills such as colors, shapes, cutting, coloring, sequencing, and patterns. Phonemic awareness and letter recognition are introduced. Concepts and skills are introduced through the medium of “play.” We will stimulate and begin to develop creativity, decision-making, critical thinking and a life-long love of learning.

We believe it is important to develop the “whole child”. Our preschool environment gives children opportunities for problem solving, group interaction, sharing, listening, taking risks and making good choices.

We believe children need to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. We provide experiences in each of these areas including chapel time with Bible stories and music, outside play, individual play and group experiences.

We believe children learn best in a positive partnership between home and school. We encourage open communication between the home and school. We seek to learn about each family and child, so we are better able to teach and nurture each child.

Contact Us

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Email: preschool@pccpv.org

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Address: 5640 Crestridge Rd, RPV, CA 90275