Last Sunday was a red-letter day in the history (recent) of Peninsula. Our softball team was crowned as champions of the FCA softball league. And, from what I observed, we did it with the oldest average age of players in the league. Dick McLennan and Peter Bond did help raise that average considerably. Buy hey, they both ended the season not on the DL, which wasn’t always a guarantee.

But the team had fun. They got to know some other believers in the South Bay. And…they defeated the dreaded powerhouse…Rolling Hills Covenant. Rather handily, I might add. The defense was gas (look it up, the word used to be “lit,” but now us cool kids use “gas.”). When I took the picture below, they insisted it be included on the Back Page. Uh…that’s not usually what goes on the Back Page? They didn’t care. I’m just glad they knew what a Back Page was!

So, hail to the champions! Great job, team. Well done. Now, have you all signed up to help with summer ministries now that you have some free time? That’s what the Back Page is all about! Let’s ride the wave of God’s activity all summer long.