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A New Adventure

Twenty-three years ago (exactly) I faced a challenge of the unknown. It was a stark and dramatic life change. It was a new experience and transformational. Here’s what I wrote back then: In exactly one week, the Welch home on Oak Street will house for the first time...

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Goodbye Rassie

The timing of Rassie Harper’s passing precluded me honoring and remembering him on the Back Page. And with a medical recovery coming up for me in February, I might not be writing as his memorial service approaches. So now is the time. Rassie and Connie have been a...

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Goodbye Woody

This week we laid to rest the last charter member of Peninsula, Woody Stolhand. Woody, and his wife, Doris, were among those visionaries who banded together to form a more biblically based, Baptist, kid-friendly church family in Palos Verdes. Woody and Doris never...

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