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Happy 100th Ida!

To tell the story of Ida Porter is to the tell the story of faithfulness and the story of a deep heart for God. And dare I add one element? An unwavering support for her pastor and church. Yesterday (9/17) our very own Ida Porter turned 100 years old. She has arrived...

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All About Water

Water. In Israel, life is all about water. In the ancient world, you couldn’t build a city without water. You needed an abundant supply of defendable water. They built incredible water systems of shafts and tunnels hidden from their enemies. In many places in the...

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What You Are Used To

It’s a cool and misty Friday morning in Uganda. It’s been a week of sweatshirts and sweaters for the women. I am comfortable, if not a bit warm. But it is all about what you are used to, and they are used warmer. We have been in a never-ending series of meetings which...

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