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Missing a dear friend

We are missing another Peninsula member today.  He left earth and woke up in heaven.  Lorenzo (Loren) Pearson was a dear friend to many and a congenial spirit for all. I realize that many don’t remember Loren, which surprised me. But Loren experienced a long goodbye...

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Life has changed since last Mother’s Day

Life has changed in our family since last we celebrated Mother’s Day.  We now have three brand new mothers to celebrate. I know this weekend can be difficult for some and my heart hurts for those struggling. But I also think that it isn’t a bad thing to remember the...

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Life is full of moments

Reprinted with permission from a Back Page on 5/18/2014. Moments.  Life is full of them, but sometimes our desire to save them overpowers the moment itself.  On Monday afternoon we arrived in Petra, only to discover a treat was in store.  On Mondays they offer a...

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