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The future seems so uncertain

War is raging in the Middle East. The future seems so uncertain. And the present is more divided than ever. And I really didn’t think that was possible. Antisemitism is on the rise, even here in SoCal....outside the Museum of Tolerance. How ironic is that? I think it...

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Full Couple of Weeks

It’s been a full couple of weeks. I drove to Mammoth. I fished for ten minutes at Lake Mary.  I attended my niece’s wedding in Loomis. I drove home. I thoroughly enjoyed the Harvest Festival on Tuesday. And this week I’ve been digging into Ecclesiastes, of course. The...

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Baptism is going public

For our Lord, it happened in the Jordan River by a man named John. Baptism in first century Jewish culture was very common. And it meant different things in different settings. For ritual purity, Jews used a mikvah and washing in a mikvah provided cleansing for...

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