Jim Welch - December 12, 2021

The Real Scandal


From Series: "THE KING IS HERE"

Is this not the best month of the year? It is without a doubt. This December, as we remember the arrival of Jesus to the planet, we want to celebrate the joy and the glory of the arrival of Jesus, the King. It was not very glamorous originally, which speak volumes about the true nature of our God. It took place without the pomp of a royal birth, and it took place surrounded by the sights and smells of rural poverty. But Christmas 2021 is all about reminding ourselves that The King Is Here. Our goal is to encompass the peace part of the message (“you can rest now; the King is here”) and the fear-His-glory part of the message (“bow down because the King is here”) into one message: The King is Here. In that message is hope. In that message is perspective. In that message is worship. To help us consider those twin ideas, we will spend Sunday mornings in the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel which argues most clearly that….The King is Here!


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