Life has changed in our family since last we celebrated Mother’s Day.  We now have three brand new mothers to celebrate. I know this weekend can be difficult for some and my heart hurts for those struggling. But I also think that it isn’t a bad thing to remember the importance of mom in the life of a child. The world can lead us to forget the vital role mothers play and the importance of her in our life. True, there are mothers who fall short.  But don’t we all? It is good to remember that God has given us each a mother, and she is a most precious gift.

I am surrounded by amazing young mothers this year. They are each teaching me the sacrifice it takes, the love it requires, and the sleepless nights it involves. The first year can be rough.  So can the eighteenth year, by the way. The fruit of those long nights will take years to bear fruit. And by then they may forget the toil of these early days (they don’t believe they’d ever forget….but….they will.  Spoken by a dad who did forget).

But I remember a poem that was read fairly regularly in our church when we lived in the desert. It says it all.

The world around me trumpets doubt
In no uncertain tone;
To wandering souls who seek for bread
The prophets give a stone.
But still I keep the ancient FAITH,
And clamor for no other
No skeptic can erase the fact:
I had a Christian mother!

The scholars say the future life’s
A dream of some poor knave;
They say we’ve reached the journey’s end
When we come to the grave.
But still I have a burning HOPE –
I’d trade it for no other –
There is a life beyond the tomb;
I had a Christian mother!

The air is fraught with sound of strife,
The earth athrob with hate;
The nations arm themselves for war,
And envy shakes the state:
But still I know there is a LOVE
That earth and hell can’t smother;
I’ve heard it sung and seen it shine:
I had a Christian mother!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women of Peninsula.  You have all encouraged a course that leads us to the throne of grace where someday we will gather to sing the praises of Jesus. Until that day – be faithful.