Graduation Week 2009

From the Archives: June 7, 2009

The week ahead will be filled with a panoply of emotions. A sense of freedom will collide with a sense of loss. Nostalgia for days gone by will come face to face with apprehension about the future. Moms will cry. Students will cheer. Dads will… well, who knows what we dads will do? This week time will stop for a few moments as Peninsula schools graduate the class of 2009. And we have quite a slew of graduates flying high around our church.

As a church family we have invested in these young lives for many years. Some have been in our nursery, our preschool, endless Sunday School classes, Awana, and now youth ministries. It has been quite a journey. And for us, it has been worth every second. And this morning I say thanks. To the graduates.

We have benefited from your leadership, your heart for the things of God, your enthusiasm, your spontaneity, your camaraderie. We are healthier as a church family because of your presence and your tender hearts. We have been encouraged to rethink what we are doing and where we are headed, because you were among us. So, thank you.

One tangible example of their leadership was their heart to begin a Poverty Awareness team. We ate like we lived in the third world. We then gave to support orphans and HIV/AIDS caregivers. You have stretched our thinking and encouraged our service. I appreciate all you have done. Really. You are, by the way, marketing geniuses. If I could just convince you to join the Trojan family…

As they leave their days in Praxis, I know Pastor Jeff and Amy will miss this group terribly. Now, fortunately, there are some fantastic students ready to fill your shoes. And that is the nature of youth ministry – you invest and struggle, and before you know it, your students are gone.

But for me, I say congratulations to the Class of 2009. Thank you for walking with God in these past four years. You have made me contemplate my purpose on earth and my commitment to the Savior. And this week, I tip my hat to you. I celebrate you. All I ask is that you continue to carefully walk with Jesus as you venture out from us. Please know, we are waiting to hear the stories of your successes at every holiday and summer vacation. We are expecting great things from you and can’t wait to hear how God is using each of you for His glory.

Thanks too, for those who have invested in their lives these past 18 years. And Jeff and Amy, thank you for your careful nurture of these lives. You’ve done a great job. But don’t look back now, the Class of 2010 is waiting their turn at the helm. So don’t give up and don’t let up… the church can’t afford it!

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