This week finds us giving thanks to God for His amazing blessings. It’s a week to look up. That we have a day set aside on the federal calendar of holidays to acknowledge God is really rather special, considering how far we have come from that posture as a nation. We rarely acknowledge God as the provider of anything in our modern world. We do just fine without Him. So just eat turkey and move on to Christmas.

But what the world says and thinks doesn’t change the fact that God is the provider of all good things. We must lead the chorus of those who acknowledge His goodness. We must be among those people who intentionally and willingly explore the crevices of life to offer our thanks to God for every facet of His grace. Maybe your life has been one struggle after another this year. Maybe your life has been pretty good so far. Maybe it’s been boring (and you like that). Probably there have been highs and lows. No matter the path, we need to stop to consider God’s grace this year.

Please take some time this week to explore the past year. How have you seen and experienced the grace of God? It may take some digging around to find it, but it is there. How have those nuggets of God’s grace changed your life? Have you forgotten some aspects of His grace this year? Probably, but that’s what this week is about.

 I heard a new Paul Duncan song this week that challenged me to give thanks. Let these lyrics roll around in your heart. May they lead you to give thanks for God’s grace. This week especially. 

If mercy is an ocean, let it break over me.
Every wave a waterfall, brings my sin out to sea.
Grace after grace after grace, my life has been,
Grace after grace after grace, love without end.

And as far as the east from the west,
You traded my worst for your best.
You lifted me out of the depth,
Jesus, your name I confess.
Grace after grace after grace, my life has been,
Grace after grace after grace, love without end.

May our hearts this week say…grace after grace after grace after grace after grace…until we are overwhelmed by the grace of God to us this year. His Word is true. His Spirit is present. His sacrifice is sufficient. He is able. He loves us.