With only days left until my departure for Africa, life gets full. It’s time to do all the stuff that I’ve put off doing. And then there is the normal flow of the week. I can sleep on the plane.

This morning, I want to give a huge shout-out to the staff who really make all you experience around here happen. Without Bruce, 40 Days of True Religion would be in shambles, and probably just another hair-brained idea in the trash can of great ideas that never came to fruition. But he has stepped up (as usual) and really crafted the details so that we are going to be able to launch something life-changing on October 9. I’m really excited to see what God will do in our hearts over those 40 days.

We are about to launch into full-construction mode in the Fellowship Hall. The staff managed the workday (those who didn’t have previous plans to play around with their families…which is important, don’t get me wrong). Danny and Bruce rocked it.

And we are about to welcome a new staff member on board, which takes a full team effort. The legal stuff with Linda, the creative and technical stuff with Christina and Danny. The cheerleader stuff with Andrew (he’s just glad he doesn’t have to oversee children’s ministry in a couple of weeks). And then there is the packing of tubs for Bombo (there are always tubs to pack for a trip to Bombo, right?) where Linda always shines.

And then there is normal stuff, Worship Folder and Update and social media (I’d still be typing if Christina weren’t around). Oh, and Andrew went bowling. He says it is ministry related… But Andrew is a rock star, working hard to develop our ministry to youth and young adults, and they are both about to flourish beyond our wildest dreams.

So as I pack my bags for the trip to Uganda, I do so with a sense of gratefulness to a staff that is working hard to serve our little corner of the Kingdom. We will be creating major dust soon in the Fellowship Hall. We have welcomed an Afghan refugee family. New prayer ministries are launching. We are days away from having a new Children’s Pastor on board. We are working on Harvest Festival and Christmas and…40 Days.

And while the Spirit is at work here over the next few weeks, I’ll be in Africa (with Andrew and Danny) planning for a 2023 Medical Mission. Oh yes, and I get a week in Israel on the way home. I will write Back Pages, and you may see our faces at some point. But know I love you. And be nice to the staff for me while I am gone.