Sometimes I think it is good to look back. And sometimes it is good share some of the nuggets from the Back Page archives. Here is a piece I wrote for Mother’s Day, 2000. My daughter, Lindsey, was 10-years old. Never mind how old her mother was. Though I am on the other side of the country, Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms. It is a good day to reflect on the journey of life. Take stock. Look back. But mostly look forward to what God could do with a heart fully under His control. Parenting is challenging. It is long days and short nights. There is a lot of aggravation and few regrets tossed into the mix. A day like today is helpful to scan the goodness of God over the sweep of history.

Sometimes I like to just stand over her bed at night and watch her sleep. Sometimes it’s fun to hide in the hallway and peek into her room while she’s reading a book, which she does all afternoon! She’s getting pretty good at setting the table. She makes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. Amazingly, she can speak with confidence in front of large groups.

Having a daughter is special. But having a daughter with a very special mother, and a couple of terrific grandmothers is a blessing! On this Mother’s Day, my thoughts have travelled to the heritage my little girl enjoys. She may not appreciate it much these days, but she will someday. And I do today.

Her mom loves Jesus. Her grandmothers love the Lord. She never knew any great-grandmothers, but the heritage stretches back even into that generation. Her Christian legacy runs deep, and that history makes a huge difference in her life, whether she knows it or not! I can tell.

As I watch her mature, I can begin to see the pieces of her heritage fitting together into a wonderful masterpiece. There’s a little bit of mom (we’re trying to make that part the dominant influence…as opposed to dad, that is!). There’s a bit of one grandma, mixed with bits of the other. It is unavoidable. It is beautiful. It is by God’s design.

So, with Mother’s Day upon us, I am grateful for the influence of each generation of “mom” on my Lindsey’s life. They each work together to shape her into the girl…and soon young woman…that God intends her to be. Our creative God is faithfully working out His plan.

Yet there are girls growing up today without a godly legacy, but our Father uses even that to His glory. So in whatever station in life you find yourself today, give thanks to God for the mom He provided. She was there by His plan. No matter what.

And as you face the future, do it with the determination that you will pass on a godly heritage. If necessary, break the mold! Watch your life. Watch your speech. Watch your priorities. It’s easy to pass down “stuff.” But after all is said and done, and our daughters (and sons) sift through their memories of mom, what will they learn? What will be your legacy? Don’t squander these years. Make them count for Christ…and the next generation! And say thanks to mom!