It’s been a full couple of weeks. I drove to Mammoth. I fished for ten minutes at Lake Mary.  I attended my niece’s wedding in Loomis. I drove home. I thoroughly enjoyed the Harvest Festival on Tuesday. And this week I’ve been digging into Ecclesiastes, of course.

The fishing trip was a bit unexpected, but very refreshing. It was windy both days I was in Mammoth, so fishing was not a great experience. Besides, my dog wanted into the lake so badly that she chewed through her leash before I could get bait on my hook. I didn’t know that was possible, to be honest. And then she then wiggled her way out of her harness, and head back into the lake.  So I put her in the car and was done fishing.  Ten. Whole. Minutes. That was a pleasant experience. But my grandson was there, so that was amazing.

Family weddings are longer than ten minutes, and much more exhausting. But Christie joined me at that point.  And we got to spend time with both grandchildren, which was amazing. We laughed much and enjoyed our Airbnb. Just being together makes the sore feet of a wedding worth it. Family weddings means lots of schlepping of stuff, right? Of course, the third grandchild is due any day, so they couldn’t make the trek north.

But the highlight was returning to the Harvest Festival. Yes, I missed the days of prep due to my travels, but I managed sore feet on Tuesday helping out as able. There were a couple of encouraging elements of that evening.  First, the fact that the entire staff pitched in to do anything asked of them (with a smile) was huge. WE so enjoy serving together. And Pastor Bruce was the hero of the evening, managing the entire event. What a wonderful evening. We aren’t sure of exact counts, but we consumed 720 hot dogs.  Did everyone have one?  Probably not. So you can estimate the count. It was a large event!

But I have to commend and thank those who joined Bruce on Tuesday evening. Your smiles and energy and joy opened several conversations that night which was so encouraging. It had to have been the best weather ever for a Harvest Festival, and it was a great party, safe for children and full of the grace of Jesus. You all are the best.  The best.

I came home refreshed and ready to see what God will do in these last couple of months of the year. He is as work among us and through us, and for that I am excited. There are many opportunities to serve through this season and many opportunities to share the love of Jesus. May we finish well the last couple of months of 2023. We will do all for His glory.