Well, it has been another interesting week to watch events unfold in the Middle East. A week ago I was glued to my TV as the Iron Dome protected Israeli citizens from an attack from Iran and its proxies.  On Thursday evening as Israel responded, I was out of the house and unable to watch in real time the scope of Israel’s retaliation. Commenting on Friday, is a bit risky.  Who knows what will happen next?  It does sound like this exchange of vollies could be over. For now.

And the question I get is:  does this mean that Jesus is coming back soon?  From my perspective the answer is rather simple:  I do not know. I see nothing in prophecy that makes me conclude that yes, definitely Jesus is now standing up ready to come and get us.

I do remember as a kid listening to my pastor expounding the Scripture and concluding that it was a sure thing that Jesus was coming before the end of that decade. It was 1967, and I will never forget thinking that 1970 was a long way off (I’m in middle school) and Jesus was coming sooner than imagined. That was scary for me.  My pastor was convinced and convincing – so I had no reason to doubt him.  But as you know, it didn’t happen.  Nor by the end of the century.  Nor by….and the list goes on.

So I am not into date setting (and I’m in good company, neither was Jesus). Could Jesus come soon?  Of course.  That has been true since the day He left His disciples standing gazing up to the sky from the Mt. of Olives. And would I be excited if He did? Of course! But I can’t be excited for that day just because my life is hard.

Jesus said that the age in which we live was going to be marked by wars. Rumors of wars. Famines. Earthquakes. Followers being hated. False prophets. Lawlessness. Such is life between the first and second coming of Jesus.

And how do we respond to the events of this past week? We are not to be misled. Know the Scriptures that you might gain wisdom. We are to pray for our political leadership, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.  How’s the godliness and holiness these days? Are you praying for Biden and Netanyahu and Khamenei? Are you taking care of your own family? Are you living so that when Jesus does return, you won’t have to hide your face in shame?

Do I know if He is coming soon? I do not. But I live as if He’s coming today. And, maybe it is time for a steps of Paul tour…and not a steps of Jesus tour in 2025?