Something big happened last weekend. And I mean really big. It was something that we should all hear about and brace for coming changes. Yup, the marriage conference was held on Saturday, and the reviews were/are amazing. What is God doing among us? Well, just listen to some of the feedback. Some of it.

  • Learned so much and had a wonderful time! Thank you!!!! 
  • The marriage seminar was great. It gave me a spiritual perspective of my role in my marriage. Thank you.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the Vertical Marriage Conference. Great info and fellowship with other church members. Would be up for another. 
  • Thank you so much for the deep, fun marriage conference. Would love to have more teaching like this.
  • Vertical Marriage was spectacular! Joy focused towards the Lord and building up of hearts for God. Great work with agenda and facilitation. Let’s continue enriching and building work like this. Wake up! 
  • My husband and I attended Vertical Marriage. We enjoyed it!!! What spoke to me is … I always thought marriage is 50/50. Boy was I wrong. It’s 100/100 because you are all in. Wow. That makes a great marriage. Thank you, Bruce, for leading us. And thank you to your wife Laura for all the delicious food she prepared.
  • We attended the Vertical Marriage conference yesterday. It was awesome! We’ve been married for 21 years and left the conference closer and deeper in our commitment!
  • Loved the marriage conference! Informative, encouraging and humorous and changed my perspective on my primary relationships with God and my spouse.
  • Appreciated the opportunity to spend time with my husband focusing on our relationship and God’s place in it! Also enjoyed meeting another couple. Many thanks for hosting it and special thanks to Laura for the fabulous lunch!
  • We really enjoyed the Vertical Marriage conference. It was fun and educational (great food, too). Bruce did a wonderful job. Thank you. We’re looking forward to the next one. 

So, a huge shout out to Bruce and Laura Junkermann for all the work they did to put this together. Bruce is not done providing enrichment for marriages and families. So, keep your eyes open to the next opportunity. It’ll be in the Friday Update for sure. What? You don’t get (or read) the Update every week? That can change, check the Connect to sign up for next Friday’s edition.