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Happy 100th Ida!

To tell the story of Ida Porter is to the tell the story of faithfulness and the story of a deep heart for God. And dare I add one element? An unwavering support for her pastor and church. Yesterday (9/17) our very own Ida Porter turned 100 years old. She has arrived...

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All About Water

Water. In Israel, life is all about water. In the ancient world, you couldn’t build a city without water. You needed an abundant supply of defendable water. They built incredible water systems of shafts and tunnels hidden from their enemies. In many places in the...

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What You Are Used To

It’s a cool and misty Friday morning in Uganda. It’s been a week of sweatshirts and sweaters for the women. I am comfortable, if not a bit warm. But it is all about what you are used to, and they are used warmer. We have been in a never-ending series of meetings which...

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Our Role to Play

If all has gone according to plan, our team has arrived in Bombo, and I have preached twice this morning to the dear folks of Bombo Pentecostal Church. Cross-cultural preaching is not something I relish. But, if I stick to the Word, how badly can it go? Pretty badly,...

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Go Team!

With only days left until my departure for Africa, life gets full. It’s time to do all the stuff that I’ve put off doing. And then there is the normal flow of the week. I can sleep on the plane. This morning, I want to give a huge shout-out to the staff who really...

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Eyes on Our Purposes

All you want to know is ... how was the fishing? All I want to talk about is ... can you believe what God is doing around here? When asked about fishing, I hesitate. I go back to the purpose of fishing (especially when things don’t go so well, right?). And in talking...

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Do You Know the Peks?

Lord willing, I am relaxing in Mammoth this morning. We will return to SoCal and probably leave a lot of fish still swimming in the lakes and streams. This morning I am offering a Back Page from the archives. It was written for June 8, 2008. The Pek family is still in...

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The Refrigerator

I haven’t been so happy to experience the arrival of a delivery truck in a long time. A couple of weeks ago, the ice cream started getting soft in the freezer in the kitchen. Really? Pretty soon, the refrigerator itself began to show signs of global warming. We used...

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Desert Heat

This week I reshuffled the routine of the staff week, so I could head out to the desert on Wednesday to visit Team Tesoro in Thermal. I kidnapped Danny (my son) to join me on the grueling excursion to the desert and back. As we made our way past all those obtrusive...

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Swim or Flail

It has been a gnarly week around here. The beach-themed VBS was amazing. Led by Pastor Andrew, the team has worked very hard to ride the wave. The beach theme got me reminiscing about my love of the beach. Growing up my family would camp down in Carlsbad for two weeks...

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