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Thinking of the Savior

This week I’ve been thinking of the Savior. Celebrating the Lord’s Table has a way of bringing me back to those events which unfolded around Passover many years ago. The agony He endured is incomprehensible to me. I can’t imagine humanity being so cruel that we could...

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This morning you will find on the patio a smorgasbord of opportunities. If you don’t find one which gets you excited, then let us help you get something new started. The patio this morning is a tool to motivate you to find a place to be a blessing. And sometimes it...

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A look back at 2008

This morn,  I thought I would pull up a Back Page from 2008, during the first medical mission in Bombo. Has much changed?  Let me share it with you.  Good memories of a faithful God. My Apple laptop is open.  I sit about 12:30 pm on Tuesday in our makeshift clinic,...

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Leaving for Bombo

For me, this was/is a crazy week. I leave tomorrow for Bombo, Uganda. I may have forgotten what that stress is like.  Or maybe when one throws into the mix a couple of grandchildren, things just go crazy. But I’m sure there are many things that I have forgotten to do...

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Grandpa, Again

I’m sure you’ve heard by now….that I am a grandpa….again.  Yes, that’s twice in exactly two weeks.  One boy. One girl. It’s now up to Danny and Karen to break the tie in November. Emotions were intense for me this week. They snuck up on me big time, and I was...

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Romans 12

In Romans 12, Paul encourages us to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Some weeks, I experience both ends of that spectrum.  You do too. I stood at the graveside of a broken-hearted family as they laid to rest a son who had been missing for...

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A first time Grandparent!

I begin with a simple question: where would you like to be when you get the text (and picture) that you are – for the first time in your life – a grandparent? When that text arrived this week, I was a little disappointed as to where I was when it arrived. It can be a...

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Life Lessons From Children

I spent last weekend washing and folding all kinds of baby clothes. We were up in Tacoma visiting our daughter, Lindsey, who is having a baby girl within the next three weeks.  Yes, our son is having a boy within the same time frame, so that can get confusing for...

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Childlike Faith

On Tuesday we celebrate the 247th birthday of our day of independence. On our agenda will be picnics, family, barbeque, and then fireworks to round out the day. I was thinking back to days when the children were young (and so was I).  I am crowd-averse, so big...

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Have you ever read Leviticus?

Have you ever read Leviticus? When you did, was it enjoyable? It is not that bad, but it is a book which contains passages which require some discipline. But if you carefully apply your Bible study methods, you can find veins of gold hidden among the rocks. It is in...

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