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Celebrating 248 years

On Thursday we celebrate 248 years since we declared our independence from that nation across the pond. It has been a national journey blessed by God’s grace. We cannot deny that God has used America for His purposes historically, but it is always difficult to decide...

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A rough week

It has been a rough week in my life. One might assume the passing of my 100-year-old (plus one day) dad would not be an painful event. But it is. It came as an unwelcomed surprise since we didn’t get to celebrate him as a family. As waves of emotions and memories have...

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Special next week

Next week is special.  Yes, it is VBS (amazing, of course). Yes, it is Flag Day (who could forget?). But on Friday something else happens, something monumental.  My dad, Don Welch, turns 100 years old. It’s a little surprising that he is so close to this milestone,...

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Memorial Day Weekend

On this Memorial Day weekend, we remember sacrifice. We honor and mourn those who gave their lives serving in the armed forces of the United States. Many have lost their lives on the battlefield, but for some, the sacrifice and repercussions stretched into the years...

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Missing a dear friend

We are missing another Peninsula member today.  He left earth and woke up in heaven.  Lorenzo (Loren) Pearson was a dear friend to many and a congenial spirit for all. I realize that many don’t remember Loren, which surprised me. But Loren experienced a long goodbye...

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Life has changed since last Mother’s Day

Life has changed in our family since last we celebrated Mother’s Day.  We now have three brand new mothers to celebrate. I know this weekend can be difficult for some and my heart hurts for those struggling. But I also think that it isn’t a bad thing to remember the...

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Life is full of moments

Reprinted with permission from a Back Page on 5/18/2014. Moments.  Life is full of them, but sometimes our desire to save them overpowers the moment itself.  On Monday afternoon we arrived in Petra, only to discover a treat was in store.  On Mondays they offer a...

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Could Jesus come soon?

Well, it has been another interesting week to watch events unfold in the Middle East. A week ago I was glued to my TV as the Iron Dome protected Israeli citizens from an attack from Iran and its proxies.  On Thursday evening as Israel responded, I was out of the house...

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Thinking About Prayer

This week, my thoughts have been on prayer.  Linda was out of the office a couple of days celebrating her and Lloyd’s 50th wedding anniversary (congratulations you two!). And that meant I was on “prayer chain” duty for a couple of days, as I am on the weekends. But...

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There is no place like home

There is no place like home. We had a wonderful trip exploring God’s creation. We spent time with some former Peninsula folks who blessed us amazingly. They pre-dated our time at the church, but we swapped stories and went through her 1991 church directory. That was a...

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