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A New Adventure

Twenty-three years ago (exactly) I faced a challenge of the unknown. It was a stark and dramatic life change. It was a new experience and transformational. Here’s what I wrote back then: In exactly one week, the Welch home on Oak Street will house for the first time...

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Goodbye Rassie

The timing of Rassie Harper’s passing precluded me honoring and remembering him on the Back Page. And with a medical recovery coming up for me in February, I might not be writing as his memorial service approaches. So now is the time. Rassie and Connie have been a...

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Goodbye Woody

This week we laid to rest the last charter member of Peninsula, Woody Stolhand. Woody, and his wife, Doris, were among those visionaries who banded together to form a more biblically based, Baptist, kid-friendly church family in Palos Verdes. Woody and Doris never...

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Nativity Display Additions?

I read an article this week which suggested a couple of figures may want to be added to our annual nativity display. The first was a dragon, from the reference in Revelation 12 to the dragon waiting to devour the child born of the woman. The imagery is harsh and not...

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Protect the Children

Coming in January is something bold and innovative (for us). DeVonna is putting together an evening of worship and education – worship of God and education for the church. We will explore issues facing parents as they raise their children in this modern world. We will...

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Choices in Freedom

The Wades have led our Good Neighbor Team (refugee ministry). For Thanksgiving, they went all out and invited “our” Afghan family to their home to share one very American meal. But our family will only eat halal (halal is to the Muslim what kosher is to the Jew). My...

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40 Days Ponderings

How was your Thanksgiving? I am most grateful this year because of what God is doing among us. Last Sunday (all day) was precious. In thinking about the last 40 days, there are a couple of things I want to say. First, I was reminded that this “true religion” stuff, it...

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Grace After Grace…

This week finds us giving thanks to God for His amazing blessings. It’s a week to look up. That we have a day set aside on the federal calendar of holidays to acknowledge God is really rather special, considering how far we have come from that posture as a nation. We...

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Veterans of Ministry

I have left her birthday on my calendar, even though she died years ago. Her birthday is on Veteran’s Day, so that gives me an excuse remember her legacy. I wrote a piece on the Back Page when she left SoCal to settle down where she had grown up – South Dakota. Here...

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On Monday we returned to a “regular” Harvest Festival. It was a bit of a hybrid between carnival games and trunks. But it was amazing. We were able to provide families a wholesome evening...with free hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, chips and a soda. What’s not to...

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