Every once in a while, I come across a story that sticks with me. It resonates for a long while after I’ve read it. I want to share a story just like that today. Christie said to me on Wednesday night, “Have you seen Carly McBurney’s Facebook page?” Uhm, no. Not yet. Carly and her husband, Jeff, are in our home group. They missed our gathering on Tuesday, something about an anniversary celebration. Come on, folks, priorities! Ha. So, I didn’t know what to expect when I finally located her post. I found it so interesting that I thought I’d share it, with permission. Only a couple of slight edits. So, this appeared on Facebook on Wednesday. Brace yourself…

Around 11:00 am today, I suddenly got a notification on my phone that all of my car doors had been left open. This was very strange since I had been sitting at my desk for about 3 hours and had very much left all my car doors closed… I went to the third floor of my office parking garage to check the car, and it was not there. I have a location service on my app and could see the car at the mall parking lot across the street. Noooo. I called 911, obviously, and reported that my car was actively being stolen but that I knew exactly where it was. Fast forward 30 minutes and the police scared some unsuspecting man who was secretly detailing my car. Per the official police report, my husband had secretly arranged to have the car detailed for our anniversary! Oops!! 

I’m still laughing over that story. I’m sure several Torrance cruisers showed up at that parking lot, and probably even blocked some exits. I think Jeff and Carly will be talking about that morning for years to come. Maybe decades. But it made me think of two things. First, Carly is one lucky lady. The road she has traveled has not always been easy, but this phase of her journey is demonstrating the faithfulness of God to those who will follow. If you seek first the Kingdom, God will weave together a beautiful fabric of your life. Carly and Jeff together are a beautiful fabric.

And second, come on, Jeff, now everyone knows that you are a great husband. You are making the rest of us look bad. Maybe you could tone it down a bit? My wife’s car is always exponentially cleaner than mine because she loves a clean car. So, I guess now I’ll have to step up occasionally and make sure she has a spotless car. You owe me one, Jeff. 

See you two at home group in the new year!