I am in a season of life that seems more reflective. Maybe I am just tired.  But I have a couple of songs rattling around in my heart and mind these days which may explain things. I am a lover of Christian music (and I do have my favorite song writer, of course). What modern believers are able to do with text and melodies, I love. I am well aware that modern musical tastes vary and they don’t always agree with mine, but there is nothing like music to touch the heart.  I guess that’s why there are so many radio stations (I can’t listen to the radio living on the back side of The Hill). But let me share a couple of lyrics that have spoken to me lately.

The first is “Abandoned.” It was written by Cody Carnes / Benjamin William Hastings / Brandon Lake / Chris Davenport.  If I don’t list all the songwriters, I’ll get in trouble with you-know-who. It was released last year and the lyrics go like this:

Somethin’ isn’t adding up, This wild exchange You offer us
I gave my worst, You gave Your blood, Seems hard to believe
You’re tellin’ me You chose the Cross? You’re tellin’ me I’m worth that much?
Well, if that’s the measure of Your love, How else would I sing?

But completely, deeply, sold-out, sincerely abandoned
I’m completely, freely, hands-to-the-ceiling enamored
My one-life endeavor, To match Your surrender, To mirror not my will, but Yours
Oh, I’m completely, deeply, don’t-care-who-sees-me….abandoned.

That is how I want to live, but don’t often enough.  But then there is this other song that came out in 2014, “You’re Beautiful” sung by Shane and Shane. Where have I been for ten years? But think about these lyrics….

When we arrive at eternity’s shore, Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring, Your bride will come together and we’ll sing
You’re beautiful. Oh, You’re beautiful….

As I put these songs together I am challenged to live in light of the cross until I arrive at eternity’s shore. The thought of that moment is overwhelming and I wonder if will arrive on that shore with any regrets. I want to celebrate the wedding of the Lamb with a heart full of worship to my Savior. May I live with greater abandon because a day is coming when I will worship my Savior’s beauty – in His presence.

With that day in mind, may we all live with a heart willing to abandon all – for Him.