This morn,  I thought I would pull up a Back Page from 2008, during the first medical mission in Bombo. Has much changed?  Let me share it with you.  Good memories of a faithful God.

My Apple laptop is open.  I sit about 12:30 pm on Tuesday in our makeshift clinic, tucked away in one of the most private spaces available.  Lillie Popoola is sitting across from me sorting the over 600 medical records we have collected in four days.  I am tired.  My feet hurt.  I’m a bit hungry.  I’m sweaty.  And….my heart is full.  What a great week so far.  There is a bit of tension around the clinic today, as there are only three doctors available.  No pediatrician is here today.  No gynecologist.  So it is rough on the three remaining doctors.

But the jovial dental room continues to pull teeth.  And they guarantee me it is painless.  I’d not want to sit in that plastic chair and have a tooth pulled.  But then, my teeth have never ached that much I suppose.

This morning I thought about the life of our Savior, who walked through Israel as a portable medical clinic.  He didn’t have to run into town every single day for 4-6 hours to secure new pharmaceuticals.  He didn’t have to load and unload and pack and repack tubs full of medical supplies.  This healing stuff is a lot of work.

But not for Jesus.  He spoke  – and there was healing.  He mixed some spit and dirt – and there was healing. He grabbed a hand – and there was healing. He touched an eye – and it could see. He touched a leg – and it could walk.

I marvel today at the power of the living Christ.  His acts on earth are revolutionary.  He truly is the Son of God – and that was amplified through His ministry to the sick.  But He did not just heal, he offered compassion and forgiveness and hope.

And you know what?  Because of you, we can do the same.  We work all day inside the walls of the clinic, but outside?  At the HIV testing tent, they are leading people to Christ.  On Tuesday alone, 30 decisions.  This church is different.  This community is different.  We are all changed.  You see, the healing power of Christ is alive and well on the planet.  And His patient?  The human heart.

May He continue to restore the depravity in our hearts – not with med’s and drugs, but with the richness of His Word.  May He continue to work through us all in the places of ministry we occupy today.  Let’s all be faithful to Him and to His glorious Word today.  There are nine of us Peninsula folk who can’t wait to get home to your hugs and smiles.  We have sensed your faithful prayers and can’t wait to share with you the victories you are bringing in Christ.