I begin with a simple question: where would you like to be when you get the text (and picture) that you are – for the first time in your life – a grandparent? When that text arrived this week, I was a little disappointed as to where I was when it arrived.

It can be a complicated story, so I will skip some juicy details.  The Fourth of July was a blank slate for us, so I decided we ought to check out any car deals on for the holiday.  I had sold my car and we only had one. We used Costco and ended up downtown at a Honda dealer. Four-and-a-half hours later we were back at home. No car.  Exhausted.  Wondering why we had blown the entire holiday searching for a car. I hate car shopping. Now more than ever.

When we had concluded our negotiations, they brought the car down to us. Except they scrapped the side of the car getting it to us. Seriously? We could take it home and bring it back for repairs, but I’m not that stupid. So we came home without a car. Fix it and call me. They did deliver, but the repairs had not all been made.

So on Tuesday (a full two weeks later) we were back at the dealership, ready to pick up the car. It passed inspection and we had just been seated in the finance office, ready to sign the papers.  I had picked up Jeremy’s dog in the morning because this could, perhaps, might be the day we’d become grandparents.  But these things can take a really long time, right?

Just as the finance guy left the room both of our phones started buzzing.  And there it was, a picture of our new grandson. We would discover later he was only seven minutes old. And, of course, he is adorable.  And small.

I looked at Christie and in that sterile environment we learned that we were now grandparents.  Tears flowed.  It was surreal.  The guy was out of the office long enough for us to gather our composure, but the texts just kept on coming.  I have no idea what I signed. I did get a car and drove off an hour later. Yes, it took another hour.  Ugh.

I never thought I’d learn of such wonderful news at a car dealership.  But I was with Christie and so it was ok. And before Everett arrived, I thought I could forego the drive to Beverly Hills to meet him. But I was wrong. And he is amazing. So is being a grandparent.  As I’d been told.

And now we can’t wait for the day to fly up to Tacoma and meet our first granddaughter.  Soon. Very soon.

Much of life is waiting and then the reality is not always what we expect.  But God is still good.  Always.