Life changed this week. In a wonderful way. On Wednesday I got a phone call from Lindsey that Noah MacDonald had proposed to her on a hike near Crystal Cove (and she said, “yes” – just to be clear). It was not a surprise. Christie and I knew it was coming and had given Noah our full blessing.

But I wasn’t prepared for my reaction. Of course, it is time. Of course, it is amazing. Of course, it is so special to see your child beam from the moment. I wasn’t ready to feel so… old. And I wasn’t prepared for all the questions that now flooded my mind and have crowded into our lives. It’s amazing. And wonderful. And special. And we are so happy. But this is an all-consuming life event.

I also wasn’t prepared to face the hard reality of another life transition. School. Driving. High school. College. Empty nest. It’s all now going to be quite permanent. As it should be. Things will never be the same for our family, in a good way. But in a moment, we went from struggling to just keep up with summer and church and life, to a wedding in our future. It will be in the background of every moment from now until that big day. And it’ll be sooner rather than later, I predict. I’m not sure we will sleep much for a while. I am now looking forward to the break to be provided by the medical mission in Uganda. The break? Yes, it is a different kind of exhaustion.

There are wedding bells ringing in our family. I remember hearing them over three decades ago, and now they ring again. It is an exciting time. I am determined to not repeat the mistakes of the loveable George Banks (“Father of the Bride”), and I will not watch it (again). Well, maybe. I know my role but admit to having some issues following the rules. But I pledge to be good. And will not cry (or I will be placed in exile).

Christie and I are thrilled and delighted and want to celebrate life and love and faith through this experience. Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding. This weekend in Bombo there is a huge wedding (medical mission plans have been on pause this week) as one of the pastors gets married. In Africa, weddings are huge and provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate God. I think that’s what this is going to be about (although, that’s not really my decision — but I know Noah and Lindsey well).

I have a fresh appreciation of the role this church family has had in shaping both Noah and Lindsey. Thank you for investing in them. Thank you for loving them. Thank you for letting them both follow the path in life that God has led.

In short order, we will launch these carefully crafted arrows heavenward. Their influence and impact will reflect the years of nurture they have received from this church family. And that is worth every penny of investment in this wedding (did I say that?). I did. It is time to party.