I don’t like to weigh in on events that are so current that facts still change daily.  Whatever I say today, might prove wrong by Sunday morning.  But I think what I want to say won’t matter if facts shift by then. There is a pall over our land.  The facts coming out of Las Vegas are shocking and disturbing.  Not to mention it is all hitting way too close to home.  I think this is so disturbing to us because they have yet to discover any motivation behind this killer.  And that is what makes this so difficult for us to understand. We have no cultural box or explanation for this horror.  And that consumes us.

These deaths have no religious motive. Yet.  Or any motive at all.  And our society can’t handle that.  Our culture is not able (or willing) to accept the existence of evil without explaining it away from a series of understandable causes.  We don’t get how this guy could be so evil.  We are not equipped to stop that kind of evil, much less rein it in. In fact, the rush to find the reasons has left us hollow, and even more hopeless because the lives lost have absolutely no explanation. The deaths are simply the result of an unfortunate set of circumstances.

Las Vegas forces us to look in the mirror, to come to a biblical view of man. And we are not comfortable with what we see. There is absolute evil in this world.  And that evil is within us.  We aren’t all as bad as we could be, but evil is there. It is in us all.  “There is none righteous, no not one.” (Romans 3:10)

The terror of this past week must lead us to rediscover the depravity of man.  But I doubt our society will go there.  They will find something in this guy’s past on which to pin the blame.  Humanity can’t be that evil.  But it is.

There is another biblical truth which confronts us this week.  It is most clearly stated by John:  “He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!’” (Revelation 21:5)

We serve a God who will someday, somehow, make all things new.  All things.  Hope.  We need it.  In some very dark days, days which defy explanation, there is hope in a God who knows all and who will fix it all.  It’ll all be new, some day.

Living in a broken world is not easy.  But our job it to reflect the hope of the Gospel.  Are we able to point people to the truth we say we believe, but find difficult to explain sometimes?  We must comfort those in pain and mourn with those who mourn.  And remember that we serve a Savior who will make all things new.  All things.  We have hope.

We have taken God out of the public square (and I don’t see Him returning any time soon) and pinned our theology on the goodness of humanity.  But without a motive for Las Vegas we have shattered that way of thinking.  But remember, we know the truth.