Sometimes we distort truth.  And by “we” I mean politicians and pundits and, well, the United Nations. But, then, is it a little broader than that? What is fake and what is real? Let me draw your attention to something “fake” this week. On Israel’s 69th Day of Independence, UNESCO chose to deliver another one of its many infamous anti-Israeli resolutions. Last year, they erased any Jewish link to the Temple Mount, leaving its history as purely Islamic. No Temple. No sacrifices. David did not purchase that hill just up from palace.

Speaking of David and his palace, with the celebration of another Israeli Independence Day, UNESCO outdid themselves. Again.  This time, they expanded the area to which they say Jews have no claim to include the entire Old City of Jerusalem.

UNESCO effectively erases any Jewish connection to Hezekiah’s Tunnel, the City of David, Mt. Zion, and, well, anywhere you look in the Old City.  So, no, there was no palace of David and the kings of Israel were never anointed in the springs.  What did I see when I was there last time?

It is difficult to visit Jerusalem without seeing the evidence that leaves no doubt as to the true legacy of Jerusalem. And what about all those Jewish artifacts in the Israel Museum?  Are they fake? I guess we should thank UNESCO for uncovering the “fake history” of Israel.  Which means the Bible has to be fake too, by the way.  But they don’t go that far. Yet.

Some Israelis are optimistic, because at least this body of the UN is not attempting to hide their true position.  They hate Israel.  And they will ignore the facts of history if it furthers their political agenda.

I do find this all rather unbelievable.  And blind.  And predictable. But as I thought about it, I decided to look in the mirror.  I think we can be as guilty as UNESCO in our willingness to believe fake spiritual truth – and live as if what the Bible says is really fake truth.

In this series on change, it is often in the mind that we lose our battle for change.  We believe “fake” spiritual truth.  We believe that we cannot compete with the world which has set up its army against the church.  We believe that the one with the most toys accumulated by the end of life is the winner.  We may not express that truth – but we live like it is true.  We believe that the one who is in the world is greater than the One who is in us.  We refuse to believe that God has given us everything we need for life. We believe that God doesn’t really love us unconditionally. We believe what we see all there, so we’d better enjoy it while still alive.

There are lots of fake spiritual truths that we believe.  Oh, we may not think we believe the fake stuff, but an honest inventory of life will demonstrate that we do.  And so we struggle. And we do not change.  Will you listen to truth?  Not the fake stuff, the real truth from God.  Listen and believe.  It’ll change your life.