Vacation. It’s already just a blur, to be honest. But one amazing blur, to be really honest. How would I describe the last month? Well, let me give you a picture, shall I?

I read “Dead Wake,” the story of the sinking of the Lusitania over 100 years ago. It was a new style of writing for me, but it was amazing after I slogged through it a while. Wow, what a story. Of course, I read some John Grisham and Brad Thor. I have to keep the story-telling gene going strong.

I fished. Not all that much or all that successfully, but I did fish. I won the annual family fishing derby, of course. It was close, and not really all that exciting — I only had a day or two with the boys to fish. And I know you won’t believe me, but I had the most giant trout I’ve ever seen on the end of my line but I couldn’t get it into the boat. It was huge. Seriously huge. It dented the boat (I made that part up). But after that morning, Mammoth heated up so that no one was catching fish any more.

I hiked. Well, I walked. The trail to Gem Lake (behind Rock Creek Lake) is simply breathtaking. Christie and I did that with Lady (our golden retriever) and enjoyed almost every step. Just being honest. We made it to Long Lake, and turned around. I mean we can’t wear out Lady too much.

I watched Lady swim. This year, she would run to every patch of water she could find. It was comical and exhausting for her (which means it was good for us).

I ate. We tried some new Mammoth diners and mixed it up a bit this year. I didn’t lose any weight, but hey, it is vacation. We drove up to our (well, my) favorite burger joint in Bridgeport. The soft serve ice cream is amazing (though no different from anywhere else, I suppose). But the setting is beautiful.

I slept. The first few days I enjoyed just being lazy (I’m quite good at it, you know). That was the nice part. No appointments or deadlines. We could sleep in and eat breakfast late. Who cared?

We had a grand time in some amazing scenery. But after that long it was time to come home. Vacation is nice, but vacation doesn’t provide you with purpose. It was time to get back to church and God’s people and plug back in to what He is doing here. I got some time to think and pray (a side benefit of fishing) and now I am ready to see where God leads next. I have lots of ideas, but He’s the chief shepherd, not me.

But what I really want to say is that it’s good to be back. It is the Kingdom which makes vacations sweet — because this life is not about rest, but about serving. A fulfilling life is not about the travel, but about doing the purpose of God in our generation. And I am so ready to get back on task.