Are you one of the lucky ones this morning that gets a pass for nodding off during the sermon? If you were at VBS for five days this week, a sermonic catnap is allowed. Today only. Now, only those at VBS get that pass, just to be clear. I was at VBS, so I might take the voucher and use it myself. Except, I was only really there one day. One rather long and sweaty day.

On Tuesday I was Pharaoh. Yes, the great Pharaoh of Egypt. It was the day to tell the story of the 10 plagues and the Passover. To be honest, it turned out to be a very powerful lesson (thanks to the teaching of Brenda Weber and her team). The children were really into it — and I provided the comic relief as Pharaoh. How else do you play Pharaoh for children?

I must say it was energizing to be around the children for a morning. More than one day may have required I spend the rest of the week in a wheelchair. Just saying. But for Tuesday it was good medicine for the soul. It was part of being willing to be used by God when a door for ministry opens. If we are growing people to impact their world and beyond, then we have to be willing to engage all kinds of people. And, children are people. We have an obligation to help moms and dads pass along the unsearchable riches of Christ. Oh, how they need to know and love the stories of God’s work across the ages. Redemption. Rescue. Provision. The children learned about it all from a faithful team of leaders.

My hats are off to them all. I just had a small, but visible role. I am now “Pharaoh” to a whole bunch of children. I was good at saying “no” creatively — but in the lesson my heart got to break as I told of the death my beloved first-born son. The curriculum did an amazing job of engaging the children in the story and helping them to face things which make them afraid. I was impressed.

But I was more impressed with our team. Under Colleen’s leadership, there were many people here ready to invest their lives in children. That’s invigorating for me. That gives me hope for the future of Church. The amount of work that was required to tell the stories and remind in very practical ways of a God who created and loves — really speaks to a church family who values children. And a church family who values God’s Word.

So, yes, if you hear a rumor from the VBS team…I was Pharaoh for one brief and shining moment on Tuesday. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The children were amazing. And I hear there are openings for next year’s VBS. Sign up today and get your pick of the leadership positions. I don’t imagine Pharaoh will show up again. But you never know.

But if he does, he has but one simple request. Perhaps a palace and throne on a slightly grander scale. I mean, Pharaoh living in a 2’ x 2’ x 3’ triangular space was a bit beneath the mighty ruler of Egypt. But he did have fun. Oh wait, it’s not about me. It’s about the truth of the Word. Never mind that request. The hut is fine.