I may be at a loss for words this morning, which means I may not be able to clearly put my thoughts to ink. But I’ve been stewing all week about a conversation I overheard while waiting for a couple of new tires (don’t ask) on Monday. One man (“Guy One”) in his 80s struck up a very serious conversation with a man more my age. Guy One had been thinking about an issue for several years and wanted someone with whom he could bounce off his ideas (thank goodness it wasn’t me). He got so enthralled in his conversation that when his car was ready, he told them to wait. He had to keep talking. My car was ready a couple of minutes later, and I bolted. Half an hour was 29 minutes too much for me.

The premise was this: the world is in a whole lot of trouble, species are being wiped out by the thousands, and the changing climate is threatening our existence. Man is the problem. So, man must be the solution. That was the introduction.

Then comes Guy One’s solution. If the problem is humanity, and it is somewhat recent in origin, the problem must be that there are just too many humans living on the planet. Earth cannot sustain 8 billion people. The solution? Winnow the number of humans down to one billion. That is an 87% reduction in the earth’s population, by the way.

The next 20 minutes was spent in figuring out how to accomplish that goal — which would save the planet from extinction. Guy One loved the Chinese solution to overpopulation, immediate institution of one child per family. Large families were for the ancient world (though Guy Two pointed out they were needed even 50 years ago on the farm). Of course, abortion would be advocated and encouraged everywhere.

They spent time contemplating how to rid the world of all these extra people who were destroying the planet. There is no kind way to accomplish that goal. They discussed with disgust how religion would object (do you think?). I’m wondering who gets to decide who lives and who dies? Neither of them volunteered to lead the pack. At least with Thanos, it was random, right? (That’s an Avengers film reference, by the way). It’ll start with the old. And then the least useful. And then…

What disturbed me all week was the idea that two mature men could be discussing in public what I would call a second “Final Solution.” I just assumed with all their life experiences, they’d have developed a moral compass. Nope, that doesn’t come naturally. It was a chilling discussion, which left God out of the picture completely. And intentionally.

Where is this planet headed? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I support a healthy planet. We all should. But today, people are anxious about the future. The rhetoric is harsh. And the fear is real. I can’t believe we only have 12 years left. But if you do, then is this a viable solution? Sounds to me like we need a Savior. One willing to lay down His life for the sheep. We have One, by the way.