Sometimes it doesn’t take too long to make an impact on those around you.

This morning is the last Sunday that Brooke Adams will be on staff as our Event Coordinator. With pressures piling up to complete her Master’s program at USC (Fight On!), she is stepping aside to focus more clearly on how God is leading. I accept that, though I certainly don’t have to like it.

We are changed because Brooke has been here. We need this younger generation to push the boundaries for us old folks. I am, without a doubt, included in that moniker these days. I probably have been longer than I would admit. Since Brooke came, our baptisms have become true celebrations. Christmas was beautiful. The Harvest Festival re-energized. Summer family nights have drawn in many from the community. We have pushed the boundaries in this past year and tried some new things. And that’s exactly what I wanted to accomplish with Brooke around.

Sometimes it takes some grace for us on the higher end of the age scale to make some room for the opinions and ideas of the up-and-coming ones. But if the church – this church – wants to continue to make an impact on the community, we must stretch ourselves. We need a habit of change. We need to enjoy the process of experimentation. We need the energy of youth. We need the ideas of youth. We need to give them space to try new things. Some will be wildly successful, others maybe not so much. But that doesn’t matter. Peninsula must be a place to grow and change and test new methods.

So even though Brooke is stepping out, we will continue down that path. Experiment. Test. Investigate. The only caveat must be: if it fails, move on quickly. We learned what didn’t work, so let’s try something else.

One of the lessons of our text in Matthew 13 this morning is the overwhelming value of the Kingdom. If we believe that, then we must never stop figuring out new ways to engage with our community. We have the hope. We know The King. We have found hidden treasure, so we cannot keep the map to that treasure to ourselves.

Thank you, Brooke, for helping us stretch our vision. For leading us to try new things. For helping us experiment a little bit. To be honest, now it is time to experiment…even more. May the Lord bless you as you continue through this journey of life. You have a home here and a place to grow to be more and more like Jesus. I am grateful that you will continue to help with the planning of the annual Medical Mission to Bombo. What a blessing.

But know that we as a church family love you and appreciate all that you have done. We need some new Brooke’s around here. I am committed to trying new things. To evaluating “old things.” To changing things up to keep us dependent on the Savior. We have the message of the Kingdom to share, we dare not bore people with unsearchable riches of Christ. We must press ahead.

Brooke, you’ve made such a positive impact. Thank you.