Join us this Christmas season!

Friday, November 30 at 7 pm
Join us for a fun-filled night of Christmas songs, homemade cookies, children’s story and the third annual lighting of our Christmas tree!

Sunday, December 16 at 7:30pm
Join us for an evening of Christmas carols, solos, duets, choral gems and a sing-along as the PCC Choir and The Joanna Medawar Nachef Singers share the joyous sounds of the season. Bring the family for a musical night that will be filled with the warmth of His blessed birth and a celebration of the King of Kings.

December 23 at 9 & 10:30 am
Worship the coming of Jesus, our Savior.

December 24 at 3:30 & 5 pm
Enjoy the quiet of the evening as we celebrate the arrival of God’s Son to our world. These family services fill up quickly, so come early. Childcare for children 5-yrs and under are available by reservation.

We enjoyed a grand Sunday morning last weekend. Historic, actually. Honoring the Junkermanns was a blast, and it helped me to remember the good things God has done. He’s amazing, actually. But now we press ahead.

It’s summer. VBS opens in two weeks. Really? After VBS the summer kicks into high gear with PCC at the Park (with kickball). The youth are hitting it hard all summer long with a mission trip to Thermal, weekly fun and shenanigans because it’s summer, and camp at the end of July. Then it’s Summer Family Night (featuring “The Lion King”) on the first Friday in August. Then maybe (but probably not) we can take a bit of a rest in August. There is this thing called the medical mission in Africa. Technically, it doesn’t open until September, but by then school is open again here and we are ready for fall.

What a summer awaits! I hope you have some plans to get away. Relax. Recharge. Refresh. I’m heading to Mammoth in July (for as long as the bank account will allow). I haven’t been fishing in a very, very long time so my friends are calling for my return. The big blue sky and vast expanses of mountainous terrains are calling, too. Loudly.

But whatever you have planned for summer, don’t forget God. Don’t forget to continue to seek first His Kingdom. The work of God doesn’t take a vacation. The day of its rest is not today. Grow in Jesus at every opportunity you have. And I was thinking this week, about some adjustments for summer. You know, we will get a lot of guests these next few months. It’s a high-guest time of year. So maybe this summer we could be on the lookout for those new folks.

Maybe you could sit somewhere different for a couple of weeks.

Maybe you could check out the “other” service a couple of times, to meet a fresh face or two.

Maybe you could volunteer to teach or be in the nursery for a couple of weeks.

Maybe you could come early and roam around a bit on the patio before worship. Work that smile.

Maybe you could purposefully hang around after worship a little longer than normal, just to shake some hands and get to know someone new.

Summer is full of wonderful opportunities to refresh ourselves. But let’s not make it all about ourselves, as our pattern can be so easily. Maybe, just maybe, this summer could be about enfolding some folks into the church family. Or getting to know someone new in the church. Yes, we ought to rest after another long school year. But let’s use these days for the sake of the Kingdom. The fields are still ready for harvest. Even in the South Bay. Will you work this field you are in today?

I love summer for lots of reasons. Sitting in the middle of a lake catching fish is just one of them. It’s time to keep fishing for souls as we gather each Sunday together. Don’t make summer just about you. Reach out. Try something new. You never know what door God will open. Or where He’ll want you to serve next. Give something new a try.