High School

High School

Our Main Programs

Wednesday nights 6 – 7:30 PM
The Vision and goal of Wednesdays nights is to make every student a disciple of Jesus Christ. It isn’t complicated, but along the way, we complicate things. Jesus came to set us free, and in doing so, offers us a new way to live as His followers. Come and join us if you are in High School on Wednesday nights for a high energy place to experience Christ, learn from the Word deep applicable messages, and all the while having fun!

Sunday Study: Meets on Sundays 9-10 AM
Our high school students are in the midst of a series titled, “Your Word is Truth” from John Piper’s Desiring God ministry. It is a solid look at the Word of God and how God’s word, as the ONLY source of truth, effects they way we see ourselves, the world, and what we hope to be. It’s a wonderful time together as we meet in the Pit at Peninsula Community Church (downstairs under the sanctuary) and afterwards raid the upstairs snack (shhhh, don’t tell anyone). The study is broad enough though for a student to jump in any morning and be able to participate easily.

Sunday morning service – 10:30 AM
We encourage students to attend and be involved in the church service each week. Most of our students attend the 10:30 AM church service, which is more modern in its worship style. This way, there is a greater sense of belonging to the whole church family and being connected to it.