Tuesday was an amazing day. I got up early and headed out to Thermal, to watch (and encourage) our students in action at the Tesoro VBS. We weren’t a very large team, but we were powerful. Now, getting on the road was a little rough. It took me two gas stations and almost half an hour to get four gallons of gas. Don’t ask. I guess gas pumps don’t like to get up early either. But I was on my way to the desert by 6:30 am, but the unplanned delay caused me to add another half an hour to the trip, if my Maps program can be trusted.

It was nice to get away from things and see a bunch of windmills again. Well, I could do without the windmills. In case you didn’t know, our family spent nine years out in the desert, with all three of our children born in Palm Springs. So, there is a comfortable familiarity with the drive and the sights. I miss the sunny days and expansive views. But I can honestly say I don’t miss summer in the desert. It topped out at 118 on Tuesday. At first it felt nice to be warm again. At first. By lunch, I was ready to get back to the clouds of PV. We should embrace June Gloom. Always.

But our students did a great job leading the junior high portion of VBS. The team is basically a group of middle school students leading middle school students. They probably taught their first lessons…ever. There were nine of them (including adults) that led in worship, activities, games, small groups, everything really. They were organized and happy (it was only Tuesday).

We ate lunch together (Taco Tuesday) in Coachella. Yes, it was the famous restaurant of “the fight” from a staff retreat many moons ago. I love that place. It is so authentic, and the cook is amazing. We relaxed in some air conditioning, ate great tacos, and got to know each other a bit better. Just a bit, they are middle school students and conversation can be interesting.

The team served well this week. I got glowing reports from the Tesoro leadership. They had maybe 40 students under their charge this week, which could be the largest group ever for VBS. They asked about some of our team that didn’t make it out this year (Noah). Relationships are building, and we are having a significant impact on these students in the desert.

My hat goes off to our team of nine. Well done. Thanks for serving. May you catch the vision of ministry and see the impact God’s Word can have in all our lives.

Now, I must say, since I was out there on Tuesday — it was “Pharaoh” day in the “Roar” curriculum. I’m thinking our Pharaoh caused a bit more of a buzz among the elementary students. Just saying.

May God continue to guide us to impact students locally and outside our culture and language. The doors for ministry are wide open. Where are you serving? Where has God prepared your heart and passions to serve? Let us continue to grow students who will impact their world. And beyond.