I was pretty glad to get back to SoCal last Saturday.  What a relief to see the sun again! You’d been missed, old friend.  In our four days in Dallas it was nothing but gloom.  On several levels.  No sun.  Period. A Trojan loss in the Cotton Bowl.  Nothing over 50 degrees.  Ever.  Get me home!

I’d spent four winters in Dallas in my seminary days, but I didn’t remember the “June gloom” of this Dallas winter.  There was not even a hint of sunshine for four days.  No shadows.  No breaks in the clouds.  Nothing.  It was ugly and monotonous.

I went to Dallas with my boys to celebrate a Trojan victory in the Cotton Bowl (you know how well that turned out).  It was actually the first time they had been to Dallas, so I got to act as tour guide. I really tried not to drag up the past — too much – but a trip to Dallas Seminary was mandatory.  I set aside a morning for that sacred visit.  Of course, the seminary shuts down between Christmas and New Year’s.  I thought it might, and it did.  So, my morning visit turned into about 20 minutes.  There was not a single building that was unlocked (I checked).  It was cold and not much to see but the exteriors of buildings.  Granted, as seminary’s go, it’s rather large, but you can easily walk through the grounds in twenty minutes.  Maybe less.

I didn’t want the boys to get too cold (well, Danny, actually) so we parked as close to the school as possible. I took heat for suggesting to park in the “woman’s” parking lot.  I mean what’s the big deal?  There are multiple lots and none of them had a single car parked in them.  So just stop in the lot we were in – why does it matter?  It doesn’t.

And then we had to drive by where I lived while going to school.  Both of those apartments have been torn down and replaced.  It’s hard to communicate life experience when the structures are gone and the neighborhood remodeled.  It is so much more upscale these days.  So, we gave up the tour and headed to White Rock Lake.  I used GPS lest I got caught missing a turn.  It was a high-pressure week.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, nor the Trojans, nor the Seminary, we did have a great time.  Hey, I got to be with my boys.  We discovered new (and amazing) places to eat on Yelp.  We stopped in at the Bush Library, Dealey Plaza, the Stock Yards in Fort Worth. BBQ in Oak Cliff, tacos by SMU, and enchiladas to die for in Forth Worth.

But still, there was nothing like coming back to some sunshine.  And what’s ahead?  A fresh year of ministry.  I can’t wait. Let’s make some news by seeking God each day this year.  Success and failure aren’t measured by human terms, but by our health in Jesus.  Let’s keep moving in that healthy direction.  Rain or shine.  Blue skies or gray.  We’ll have them all in the days of 2018.