It’s been just over one month since I was given the opportunity to talk about passing the baton. In the time since it has been so encouraging to see how this church continues to grow together. Just last week we held our annual Harvest Festival. This is perhaps our biggest opportunity of outreach all year. Close to 1,200 people from all over the area coming to our church for candy, family fun, and a famous free hot dog. Obviously this is a huge opportunity for us as PCC to show the people of our community even just a small glimpse of Jesus. It takes a lot of work and a lot of volunteers to make an event like this happen, and church members of all ages responded to the call! What a gift not only for our church, but for the whole community to have middle schoolers up through “slightly” older than middle schoolers serving side by side as the body of Christ. This event was another step for us to continue to grow in becoming intergenerational.

But Harvest Festival wasn’t the only “passing the baton” event this month. Oh no no no… Just yesterday the women of the church held a cross-generational event that encouraged women of all ages to come together and discuss the meaning of having an identity in Christ, as well as the different pressures women face to constantly measure up in an ever-changing culture. Generations may feel disconnected with each other at times due to the fast pace trends of the world. I feel like I have to Google a reference my kids make every week. Yet, the struggle to find purpose and a meaningful identity resonates with everyone. The leadership team, made up of women from different generations, really fueled the collaborative process of creating this event and reflects the shared discussion among the different age groups. Events like this Saturday are vital to creating bridges throughout the church body.    

Two big intergenerational events are pretty good, but what if I told you there was more. The first Saturday of every month is the Gathering. The Gathering as many of you may know is a worship night geared to draw young adults into the church. It’s not just young adults who come to this event though. It’s meant to bring people together to worship God and pray together. This last month has been a powerful month in “passing the baton” and now as we move into the Christmas season let’s keep it up.