Our Task This Week

Here we are, one week away from the biggest day on the church calendar. It’s a fairly significant day for followers of Jesus Christ. It remembers the day that Jesus overcame the power of death, and it’s that event which gives us hope beyond the grave. Let’s face it, it’s a great day to invite someone to Peninsula. I came across this list of amazing reasons to invite folks to join you in worship. Here you go:

1. 82% of people invited to an Easter Service will likely attend (Dr. Thom Rainer – The Unchurched Next Door)
2. Two words: Free Coffee
3. Only 2% of church members invite an unchurched person to church (Dr. Thom Rainer – The Unchurched Next Door)
4. When they come with you, it looks like you have groupies.
5. 35% of people would be likely to attend a church if they knew people there “are like me.”
6. You might be inviting them to the place they belong.
7. 7 out of 10 unchurched people have never been invited to church. (Dr. Thom Rainer – The Unchurched Next Door)
8. If you don’t invite them, who will?
9. 2% of people who attend church will do so because of a church advertisement compared to 86% who attend because they were invited by someone they know. (The Inviting Church, pg. 44)
10. People are looking for a church that is involved in the community.
11. You invitation to Easter worship could be the most important invitation they ever receive.

So, what are you going to this week? Yes, of course – ask God to direct your steps and open a door to invite someone to join you in worship on Resurrection Sunday. Because we love God so much and have been transformed by the hope of the Gospel – we can’t not invite someone to church. You see, an invitation to someone should not be motivated by guilt – but out of our own growing relationship with Jesus. It shows how much we love them. It shows how important Jesus is in our lives.

So pray for the opportunities open to us next weekend, and be sensitive to how God is leading you in the week ahead. And pray for God’s Spirit to move among people as they hear the Gospel story told. May Resurrection Sunday 2017 be talked about in eternity because of the lives changed. That’s my prayer. Let’s change the world. One person at a time.