Class 101
Do you ever look around Peninsula Community Church and wonder what’s next? If so, then join us for Class 101. This orientation will provide a PCC overview of our mission, strategy and community to help you determine your best next step. For more information regarding Class 101, click here.

Journey Classes
“Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been wakened by the touch of God within them.” – A.W. Tozer

Throughout time, people have sensed a longing in their heart to know God. At Peninsula, we’ve created a community for those beginning or those wanting to go to the next level in their spiritual journey. We offer three classes that provide a place to ask questions, and people to care for and encourage you along the way. For more on our Journey Classes, click here.

Baptism is intended only for those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ and can give sufficient testimony to the basics of Christian beliefs. We baptize by immersion because it is not only the original significance of the word but also best symbolizes the reality to which baptism points—our death and resurrection in Christ. If you have questions, contact Jim Welch.

Small Groups
We believe that living life to the full happens best in the context of community….in relationship rather than isolation. In community groups, people study God’s Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where they pray, hang out, encourage each other, and are missed if they don’t show up. Oh, and often they eat good food, sometimes too much. For more information regarding community groups click here.

World Impact
At Peninsula, we’re all about serving people so that they can know God and live the life He created us to live. It takes tons volunteers to facilitate the ministries of PCC. Whether you work with students or run a camera or sew or sing or brew coffee, we have an opportunity for you. For various areas of service click here and check the appropriate ministry area boxes so we can connect you with the right people.

New to PCC?

Our mission is to connect others to Jesus Christ through worship, discipleship, and service, and we want to help you and your family do that in the simplest way possible.





World Impact