Can you experience grace-filled fellowship on a Tuesday? Of course. Sometimes we think sweet fellowship is reserved for the weekend or for an evening or for the patio after church. Well, it’s just not true.

On Tuesday, I got invited to enjoy some cake and wish Miriam Anderson a happy 95th birthday. I rarely turn down an opportunity for cake, so I went over to enjoy some mid-week, mid-day fellowship in Miriam’s back yard. It was surprisingly warm, the weather, that is. The fellowship is always warm.

I did get the chance to reconnect with two of Miriam’s sons while enjoying my cake. And one of them had a wonderful story to tell. It is really the story of God who answers prayer, even if it takes decades.

Recently, Rick Anderson was diagnosed with cancer. It’s been a rough road. On him. And on his mom. But as the call went out to pray, many of us prayed for him, and for Miriam. The journey was not easy nor was it short, even though my retelling is both.

On Tuesday afternoon Rick was beaming, as was Miriam. And not because it was her birthday, but it was a chance for him to come home to PV from Riverside County and spend a brief time with his mom, as a recently baptized believer in Jesus. Through the ordeal of cancer, Rick saw the love of God and the hand of God and, of course, the power of prayer. He made it through that trial and God used it to get his attention.

He’s been attending Greg Laurie’s church recently and last week was baptized. Baptized? Rick Anderson? Really? I saw the pictures to prove it! Even when we’re 95, God hears and answers prayer. So, don’t give up. Don’t give in. Be persistent. And, here’s the hardest part, wait. Be a fragrant aroma of grace; pray and wait on the Lord.

If you’ve had a conversation with Miriam lately, you probably heard this story. Rick who had run from God for his entire life is now following Jesus, even into the waters of baptism. So, as we continue to pray for his health, make sure to pray for his spiritual health as well. And, now is the time to make your reservations for Miriam’s 100th celebration – Bill Chang did.

Oh, the richness of fellowship with Jesus. The joy of answered prayer. And the special celebrations of life bring us together as believers and followers of the Savior. May we stay fervent in prayer. And may we enjoy every slice of celebratory cake along the way.

What do we learn? Pray and don’t faint. Sometimes answers are waiting for us at age 95. Our God is always faithful, even in the waiting. And, if you are a follower of Jesus, what is keeping you from being baptized? We will enjoy another baptism celebration service/party on Sunday evening, November 19. It’s time to declare your faith and obey your Savior. And you never know, you may be the answer to someone’s prayers. In fact, you probably will be.