Bombo 2018

Bombo 2018

BOMBO 2018 MEDICAL MISSION: August 31- September 7, 2018
(not including travel/safari)
With travel and safari: August 29 – September 12, 2018

Bombo 2018 Medical Mission application – click here.

Every year, Peninsula Community Church (PCC) partners with Bombo Pentecostal Church (BPC) for a week long medical clinic held in Bombo, Uganda. For one week, BPC is transformed to a medical facility with a variety of medical specialties, lab services and surgeries offered free of charge to all those seeking care. PCC brings a team of doctors, nurses, and other willing volunteers with a variety of skills to partner with BPC in running the clinic.

The medical clinic strives to provide ethical care, health education, and dignified care for all patients. While providing medical care, those attending the clinic are shared and shown the love of Christ. People line up along the street for hours before the clinic starts, hoping to see a doctor. All are welcome to the clinic, a poignant characteristic and reputation of the clinic.

Looking for Doctors, Public Health Specialist, and Others Willing to Serve
This year, we hope to implement public health education for the community on hypertension, maternal health, and diabetes. If you have a specialty in this area, please make sure to note this on your application. We are also implementing a structure of doctor mentorship as requested by our partners in Uganda, where American and Ugandan doctors are paired together in cohorts to promote learning and excellence.

Ultimately, as followers of Christ it is our desire to live out God’s call to love others (Matthew 22:26-30) through medical care, demonstrating the highest standard of health services, ethics, and compassion to all we encounter.

If you desire to apply to participate in this amazing service opportunity, the application can be found here or email for the link and electronic team packet. Please fill out the entirety of the application. PCC will notify you within a week of submission.