I grew up in a Christian home. Not just a church-going home, but a God-loving home. My faith began as a young boy when God revealed to me His grace and what that meant in terms of my relationship with Him. As a result, I became active in my youth group and surrounded myself with Christian friends who pursued God. Eventually I went to seminary and became a pastor. Even after all that, there was a connection I failed to see—even though I thought I saw it, thought I understood it.

Only within the last 18 years or so have I seen it. Something so simple, yet so revolutionary. It is something that you, like me, would probably say, “I believe that.” “I understand that.” “I see that.” But when asked what it is, Christians have a hard time expressing it and an even harder time seeing the relevance to all of life.

What is “it”? The gospel.

I had an interesting conversation with Mary Jeanne Buttrey, who many of you know as our “retired” medical missionary to Taiwan and a current Bible study leader. She mentioned how for much of her Christian life she failed to see the connection of the Gospel to her everyday life.

In an email Mary Jeanne wrote, “I used to think that the gospel was only needed at the point of conversion, after which we’d go on to (meatier) things. How wrong I was! Believing the gospel of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is just the beginning of our relationship with God. The gospel is also the all-encompassing context in which our relationship with God continues to grow.”

One way to learn how to make the transformation from “the gospel is only for conversion” to “the gospel is all-encompassing” is by coming to the Gospel For Life class starting in March.

Here is what former Gospel for Life participants said: “Gospel For Life is a must do class for any Christian. The visuals really help you understand where God should be in your life, and that we need to be rooted in him, in the tiny little decisions all day long, in order to bear fruit. None of this kind of living is possible without the access to the living water granted to us by Jesus Christ. This class not only helps on a conceptual level, but in day-to-day life, talking through problems, applying truth to specific situations. Gospel For Life really deepened the roots of my walk with God” (Becca Bentley).

“Gospel For Life transformed the way I see life by making the gospel the center point from which I respond to all of life’s circumstances. It helped me to see myself clearly and see the way God sees me. The class highlights the character of God in such a way as to make you in awe of Him, leaving you with a desire to know and trust Him more fully. It really helped me to understand what it means to rest in Christ” (Tim Maier).

Come find the rest, hope, and power of living in the Gospel daily.