The sewer saga continues. Yes, the latest trial of our cursed sewer system is dragging on. And on. Piles of dirt remain in the driveway. The Great Trench of 2019 remains open. I’m offering lap swimming for anyone interested. I’m told by mid-week it should all get wrapped up, though I stopped holding my breath a couple of days ago. Might as well just go with the flow – and drain the bank account.

This week they got new pipes installed, but then discovered (the details are still a bit murky) the clay pipe under the street was damaged more than they could line. So, as I type they are saw cutting the asphalt and the utility companies are on their way to make sure that when they trench on Monday that they don’t do more harm than good. On this project, that’s an important factor.

Life is a series of trials, and some want to linger. The Great Sewer Repair of 2019 is now one of those lingering trials. It tests patience, drains the wallet, and is a major inconvenience at times. But it’s not life-threatening and the solution is just more time and money. Maybe I’m supposed to learn not to cling to either tightly. Didn’t know I was, though.

Discerning the right lesson can be a tough mental and spiritual exercise. Peter talks about trials coming in various shapes and varieties. He doesn’t say, however, that we are supposed to figure out the why’s of each one, just that they are at work to produce in us a genuineness of faith. Maybe I don’t have to figure out the “why” to refine my faith and let all this result in praise, glory, and honor. Upon some reflection, that seems to me the most biblical of conclusions.

I can’t really know what God is doing in my life with any certainty. Or why. But I can love Him and trust him and obey Him during each trial. The variety of flavors in the trials of this week, just make me lean on Him. The goal of it all, even sewer mayhem, is clear – that at the end of faith is the salvation of our souls. It’s all about refining our lives life that we might please our Savior and our God.

I’m not sure what you have had to endure this week. There are a lot of you struggling with issues much more significant than sewers. And more expensive. So, let’s band together on this Palm Sunday morning and acknowledge that it is God who saves us. He always delivers. Always. And it was the trials Jesus endured in this week ahead that have secured our hope.

Resurrection Sunday looms on the horizon, but the trials Jesus faces between now and then are much more significant than anything we ever face. And yet Jesus was faithful. May we be too, no matter what the flavor of the week is chasing us. We have a living hope. That’s all that matters.

“In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.” 1 Peter 1:6