What Every Parent Ought To Know (Videos)

…to live our Faith@Home

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“No matter how creatively we proclaim God’s Word to children at church, they are more likely to believe their experience of the faith at home.  That’s because incarnation trumps proclamation.”  [Actions speak louder than words.]   Kurt Bruner

I’ve often said that the most difficult place to live out our faith is in the home.  We can be exceedingly kind, understanding, and patient at work or church or with neighbors, but something happens when we get home.  The person you love can, at times, drive you nuts.  The little bundles of joy God has blessed you with can be demanding, frustrating, and exhausting.  They all seem to bring out the very worst in us!
We sing to our children, “God is so big, so strong and so mighty” but how big is He in your life?  On a scale of 1 to 10 how intentional are you about living out your Faith@Home?  What are the ways you demonstrate your intentionality?  What is your family learning about the reality of the Gospel through your words and responses?  We are teaching our children something.  The question is “what are we teaching them?”  Are your children more likely to see a faith that clings to the foot of the cross or a hollow, powerless faith?
The purpose of Pastor Bruce’s Family Minute videos are to encourage people like you and me, imperfect parents, to grow in their relationship with God, to see Him as the Big God that He is, and to live out of the overflow of his abundant love and grace in the context of family.
Most videos have further reflections and discussion questions for you and your spouse in the description box below the video to further your thinking about the topic.  These videos are not intended to be flashy entertainment, but simple encouragement and direction for people like you and me who need help bringing faith home.
Watch the brief video above to discover where our attention needs to be in this busy and demanding life.

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