I never know what to expect when the wheels hit the tarmac in Africa. There is always a sense of fear because I don’t know what the days in Uganda will hold. I don’t look forward to the exhaustion and the sweat, but I do enjoy sitting on my bed after a long day in the quiet of another African evening writing and being alone with my thoughts. It is nice, however, to again be in that place where all I can do is depend on God. I don’t always do it very well, but God is at work. Without Him, we are either wasting our time over here or we will fail — and fail miserably. I guess maybe even both.

But this year there is the sense that we will not fail. He is here. I suspect we will see God do something beyond what we could ask or think. I hadn’t even left the church last week when I began to wonder what God was going to do. We had yet to receive a budget from the church in Bombo. Estimates, yes, but no final budget. There were legitimate reasons, but I had to leave without that firm number in place. So, I took as much money as our accounts would allow (and perhaps a shade more) and headed to the airport.

Literally, on the way out the door, Linda showed me a lovely note from someone I’d never met. They don’t even live in California. They heard about the medical mission from one of our favorite doctors who joins us every couple of years. She was bragging about the quality and heart of this mission and this friend was moved (by God it sure seems) to join Team Bombo this year — financially.

Enclosed was a check for (am I supposed to say?) over $10,000. I was blown away. Are you serious? We are just barely making ends meet this year and now we see the provision of God — and as we head to LAX? What is God doing? He’s not abandoning us, that’s for sure.

We made some administration decisions which rose costs for us in Bombo this year. We didn’t know by how much, but they went up. And what did God do? He moved a heart in Colorado to fill in the gap.

And then today, Pastor Alex had to go into town to make the final arrangements for eye care at the clinic. All conversations had been discouraging thus far. In the timing of God, he met the head of the eye clinic on his way to his meeting — and to make a long story very short — she arranged for eye care and follow-ups at minimal (mostly free) cost. That’s huge.

God is doing something. When those wheels hit African soil, I still wonder what we will face. But this I know, we come with a God who is faithful, with a church that is praying and with the compassion of the Savior. When we lift off again, one thing I know: God will have been faithful all along the way. Keep praying.