Things are coming together in Bombo for this year’s medical mission. I think. We are on day 2 of our preparations. The rest of the team arrives tonight (Friday) and then the work will move into high gear on Saturday. We’ll have lots of extra hands as orientation begins promptly at 10 am. We shall see.

When I first arrived at the church we parked near the well, supplying water to the church and community. It was something of great interest to Les Smith, so it reminded me of him right away. When he was here in Bombo, he watched the construction of that well as often as he could.

So I was a little caught off guard when I first saw it. It has a blue tarp around it. The hand pump is missing. The surrounding cement work which allowed water runoff is gone. Wow, they let that decay into something that is really not useable. That’s a shame. Water is key to life.

Inside I was quite sad and disappointed.

But then I asked someone, “What happened to the well?” The answer was quite surprising. And it reminded me to check my first impressions. They are not always accurate. Right?

The manual well that I knew and watched get built was now an automatic well. The hand pump is gone, replaced by an automatic pump which no longer requires someone to fill a jerry can and take the water to where it is needed on the church campus. Now, they have built a pipe system so that in various locations around campus they have running water. Are you kidding? It’s true. Running well water at various locations (including at the new sinks in front of the restrooms). That’s called progress, folks. Engineering advancements to increase the health of the campus.

The downside is that the water is no longer available to the community. I didn’t press on that issue. I was just overwhelmed with the technological advances.

Life is moving forward here in Bombo. And I’d best ask some questions before jumping to any conclusions. You see, you can be halfway around the world and the personal issues follow closely behind, because you can’t leave them at home.

We are excited to serve the community of Bombo again. And, the church with running water! We are so dependent on your prayers this week. It’s a big operation — one way beyond what we can manage on our own. We want God to show up and do something much more long term that just one week of clinic. He’s done it every year so far — so I am expecting Him to do it again.

It’s great to see friends again. It’s great to work on our own hearts. It’s great to serve Jesus beyond what is comfortable. And it’s best to represent Peninsula in a corner of the world where you are all famous. Your support and prayers are reaping a wonderful harvest. May we give Jesus the glory every day of the week ahead. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day.