Anytime you’re working with 150+ kids, especially kids you don’t know well, you worry! Or at least I do.

Just in case you didn’t know, June 25 through 29, Peninsula Community Church KidsMin hosted 166 children at our annual Vacation Bible school. This year’s theme was Shipwrecked – being stranded on a supposedly deserted island somewhere in the Pacific. Think Gilligan’s Island. We even had a Gilligan, of a sort, of our own!

Now having that many kids was nothing new for our church. We have that many enrolled almost every year, which is great! But if you’re a worrywart like me, you still worry! What if a kid gets hurt? What if we lose a kid? Or maybe, none of the group leaders show up on Monday! Amazingly, that was part of the lesson during the week – when you worry…Jesus rescues! When you’re lonely…Jesus rescues! When you struggle…Jesus rescues! When you feel powerless…Jesus rescues! And most importantly, when you sin…Jesus rescues.

For me, however, worry is my middle name. It’s my biggest problem. And yes, I know it’s a sin! Over and over that week, and the week before VBS, I was reminded that when I let the enemy take control of my thoughts and my ministry, my relationship with God suffers. But I even worry about that!

Not surprising, the worry was needless! I’m not saying there weren’t a few problems, but… 1 Thessalonians 5:24 is and was the truth! “The one who calls you is faithful, and He will do it!”

He met every problem at every turn! I won’t bore you with the details, but there were a few. We even had to call 911 on Friday morning! Everything turned out fine. Not that it was a false alarm, but the one who was taken away by the paramedics Friday morning was baptized Sunday afternoon! Yes, He is faithful!

Something else I experienced that week, and the weeks before and this week after…our folks at PCC are amazing! I don’t have enough room to mention everyone by name, and even if I did, I’d worry (there’s that word again!) that I’d forget someone, but we had 85 awesome people serving those 166 kids! I know that sounds like a lot of volunteers to serve at a VBS, but no one was not busy during the week. Each staff member put their heart into their service. Hopefully you’ll see them today in our slideshow or by wearing their brown VBS t-shirt. I love each and every one, and am thankful that they choose to give up their week to serve. When you see them today at church or sometime in the near future, tell them thanks!

Oh, and by the way…we had lots of decisions for Christ that week! And kids who have never been to church before who were really excited by what they learned and did during the week. That’s what it’s all about, bringing His love and grace to everyone who has ears to hear. As well as to teach some of us, that He’s in control and we don’t need to worry, worry ‘bout a thing!