In our house, the soft sound of bells is supposed to quietly usher in an amazing celebration of the birth of the Savior. But I must say that the sound of bells is more like a cacophony this year. There are those lovely Christmas bells, but they are being drowned out with the much louder sound of wedding bells. And as if that set of bells is not enough, there are now another set of wedding bells ringing. They are in the distance, but they still vie for attention. But you know, the melodies tell of the goodness of God.

Normally, the birth of the Savior snatches up all the energy in December. But with Lindsey’s wedding just three weeks away, those bells are all consuming – when we are not doing Christmas. The closer the wedding date gets, the louder and louder those bells ring. At times they want to drown out the Christmas sounds, but I won’t let them. I can’t let them.

When the news arrived last week of a second Welch engagement, it was like a three-alarm fire had just broken out in the house. Bells, bells, bells. Danny is the one beaming these days and plans are being made in earnest to move forward with wedding #2 in 2020. At press time the details are fuzzy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that won’t remain true for long.

It is such a blessing to watch young love blossom. With years of hope and joy ahead, it is something to celebrate and support. And we are doing both. There’s a park bench overlooking the Queen Mary which will always hold special memories for Danny and Karen. A question was popped. And then the phone calls were made (and mom wasn’t around!). The joy and hope on their faces was contagious (Facetime is a great modern gift). You could hear it in their voices, but it was even better to see it on their faces.

2020 is going to be a year of great change in our family. Wonderful change. I wasn’t sure what it would feel like when “the baby” formally headed toward marriage. I’m a bit surprised by the mix of joy and trepidation. I mean…. he’s the baby. But only to his mom and me. He is ready to launch out on his own and begin a new home. Life is never dull.

I just don’t want to lose my fishing buddy. My Bombo buddy. My travelling companion. My Christmas-lights-installer. My comic relief. My suitcase hauler. Some things will change. Most things will not. But as I said to my bride many years ago, we can’t get too attached to these gifts of God. They will soon be leaving our nest and impacting the world for Jesus. There I no greater thrill for a parent. We’d much rather keep them warm and close under our wings, but that is not God’s design, and we’ve had them close for longer than most.

God sent His Son and it changed the world. It is my prayer as a dad that my children will do the same. Change the world for Jesus. Wherever He leads. However He leads. We do all for His glory. Not our own.

But, honestly, can a dad survive two weddings in one year? I’ll let you know.