Every once in a while, it is great to hear a fresh perspective on life and the Word. This week, we hear from Brett MacKenzie, fireman, paramedic, Jesus lover. This is all Brett. Thanks, my friend. — Pastor Jim

I’ve been thinking about something for a little while now and it occurred to me again as we travelled through Israel with Pastor Jim.

Social media is everywhere all the time and has implications for everyone from families and friends to world leaders. Most of us are now immersed in, and totally saturated by, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the tens of other newer platforms. We are saturated with technology, and technology is saturated with us.

As we travelled through Israel, I pictured our Lord walking with His disciples and followers in the area around Galilee or up to Jerusalem. Looking out the bus window, I pictured them walking down wadis and across streams and resting a little in the shade with Jesus taking the opportunity to instruct, encourage or even rebuke a little. I pictured our Lord moving easily and thoughtfully almost as though He were conducting an orchestra.

I could see Him controlling the flow of the discussion on every level with a word or a glance and, also, the pace of the steps which would land them all exactly where they needed to be at all times…every time. Very quickly after the disciples were called, they must have had their eyes and ears completely attuned to Jesus looking for cues as to what was next.

This is where the social media part comes in. Our Lord intentionally assembled exactly the right people that He might be heard and watched every minute of every day. He then taught truth so that it would be written down in exactly the way He wanted it all communicated. He even made it so that the questions or challenges He received were properly phrased and placed so that He could use them to reinforce a point or introduce something new. In today’s language we’d say there were “tweets,” “re-tweets,” “likes,” “followers” and even “trolls” (Pharisees, usually).

I’m no historian but I can’t think of another example of someone having subjected himself to, or even being capable of orchestrating, such complete immersion. Maybe we could do that today with our modern technologically, but what would that look like? Even the most loving and compassionate of us would crack or bail out once the fury started. Jesus put Himself in the middle of it, and we read the results. In so doing, we read not only the accounts but we feel the love, awe and reverence of each writer.

In effect, Jesus was surrounded by us as much as He would have been had there been smartphones, drones and Go Pros that wouldn’t exist for another 2,000 years. He took the unrelenting glare of fallen humanity and used it to illuminate and show us The Way. The resulting record, as it is contained in the Scriptures, is complete and astonishing and, indeed, it shines ever brighter. Our Lord inspires awe every way you look at Him.

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)