There are times that the unexpected throws you off course a bit, right? And we discover an opportunity to change. Here’s what happened this week, and it gives you even a chance to change.

We have been a bit careful (ok, picky) about what goes into our church dumpster each week. More precisely, we care about when it actually enters that big green receptacle. We are trying to toss as much old stuff from the Education Building without having to rent an extra dumpster (which is probably going to have to happen anyway).

Our trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, the dumpster is most empty on Wednesdays and Thursdays. After the pickup on Friday we should leave room for the gardeners and our weekend garbage (which can be substantial). So, we are managing when we fill up the dumpster. Carefully.

Well, the unexpected can throw off your plans, right? With the holiday, our pickup was a day late. So, on Wednesday, we had a completely empty dumpster, with plans to fill it. On Thursday morning, however, the dumpster was not only full but surrounded by a huge mess. It was so full; the lids could not go down (our neighbors hate that) and there was wall board and boxes and even a pallet hanging out of the dumpster. It was a mess. There was so much trash that our “guests” couldn’t fit what they brought inside the dumpster. So, they just unloaded what didn’t fit into the dumpster around and near the dumpster. Close is good enough, right? It was a huge mess. And since we weren’t exactly sure when the second pickup would come on our holiday week schedule — we decided to call for an extra pickup. They had to come before the gardeners or I’m not sure what would happen to our green waste on Saturday morning.

Are you angry yet? You should see the picture, then you’d be angry. I was. How can people be so rude and so selfish and so greedy — that a church must pay for their construction garbage? Waste Management said they’d come out the next day (for a fee we agreed to pay) but they came within an hour or so. I guess their office doesn’t always know where their drivers are. And Linda and Danny cleaned up the mess so you can’t even tell this morning. We could resume our own tossing.

Change is about choice. On Thursday morning, I had a choice to make. I could stew or I could not. Here was a circumstance completely out of my control that had been thrust upon our church. That happens in life. And we can either put our theology into action or stew about the sin. At that moment, we have a choice to make. This week, I changed. I chose not to stew. You are sitting here waiting for worship. You too, have a choice to make. Stew or trust. Choose to let it go and cling to God. It’s a mini-situation where you can build your trust in God and in your own change. Choose to change. Will you? Or did I just ruin your Sunday morning. I hope not.